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27 Things at 27

I thought about this wish list/to-do list last night and I felt that I needed to write this all down. Hopefully, I'll cross some, if not all of the items out by next year!

No such thing as world peace and good health here!
travel morebe a morning person!read more - Finished 9 books this 2011. More for the next year.lose weight - I wish the whole world will conspire to stop tempting me with food.write more - I have a list of things I want to write about, I just need uhhmm.. motivation.salary increase - so I could do #1spend more time with Foldiea new bikea new compact camera - I love my G10 and I want to give it some company!take more photos and start taking videosrappel again! Do the aussie.climb Amuyaoa tentavoid sweets and stop drinking milk tea everyday coz that thing is just a fad!master a dish/dessertmore music nights and listen to a variety of artistsI wish facial hair would forever disappear!!try yogalearn the proper way of swimming - swim and not soak in the poolhave more p…

The Never-Idle Trip

This is my attempt to recount the details of my 4-day Mindanao and Visayas trip that felt like two weeks.

Due to a(n) (un)fortunate event, Typhoon Biring blew our plane bound to Cagayan de Oro City and landed us in Cebu instead. At Mactan, the crew gave the passengers their options: either disembark at Cebu, wait until the weather clears up then take a ferry to CDO or travel back with them to Manila.  
Back to Manila? No way!
What the crew didn't tell the passengers was, if you'd just go to the CebPac office, they'd gladly book you a Cebu-CDO ticket for free.  
Arriving at Mactan at 6PM on a Friday night was a problem too. There's nothing to see at night, plus nobody wanted another city tour of Cebu the next day. 
We decided to go for a quick trip to Bantayan (though quick is not a word to describe the almost 6hr-bus ride).
At 6PM Friday, from Mactan, we went straight to the bus terminal. Had dinner at one of the bus stops, and by 11PM we were at Hagnaya port.
And here are th…

Late Bloomer

It all started on that trip earlier this year. No one mentioned that we were going around in a bicycle until we got there. Up to that point  I didn't think that knowing how to bike was such an essential skill. The ending? I went around in a carriage which charged 10 times the rent of a bicycle and made me feel like a total wimp.
Back from that trip, I knew I had to learn how to bike.  Luckily, I had a teacher who researched biking for 'advanced' ages! At that time it was his personal goal to teach an adult to bike.

It took three 1-hr sessions, a patient teacher, and a borrowed mountain bike to finally get myself on those two wheels:
First Session - Practice Take-off and Pedal a Few Turns    It was a grueling and frustrating first session.  I was falling in less than 2 seconds.
Second Session - Find Your Balance    Got my prized wound on the second session.  Note to self: Wear leggings.
Third Session - Go Freewheeling!    We found a gently sloping road.  The first trick was to just…

Tuesday Omelette

I have never cooked an omelette in my entire life until that Tuesday.

I have no penchant for cooking unlike my friends.  I'm the one doing more of the eating/tasting and I'm not even good at that. One example: I can't tell which is the best tapa.. I just know which ones I like and which ones I don't. They're all good for me.

In an attempt to outdo myself that Tuesday, I decided to cook an omelette. I figured the easiest thing that I could probably cook with eggs on it without being too simple as a fried/boiled egg was an omelette. Thanks to Google I found what looked like an easy recipe.

 INGREDIENTS:  1 can of corned-beef      2 medium red potatoes, cubed small      1 cubed tomatoes      salt and pepper      eggs, 2 for each person      1 tsp of milk for each beaten eggs(2)      oil for sauteeing the filling, butter for the omelet      shredded cheddar cheese      Cook the cubed potatoes in oil until tender.       Add the corned-beef. Stir, and let it cook for about 3 minute…

On Mountains and our Love-Hate Relationship

Back in college, I thought I wanted to be part of the group who seemed laid back and looked like they had most fun. I attended a couple of meetings with my university's mountaineering club but I didn't stay long enough to get to the application phase. I couldn't see why I needed to run 5 times around the campus perimeter with a time limit as preparation to a climb or why I needed to bring a backpack that's a dozen inches over my head when hoisted.  
Fast forward to 2005, our Theology professor required us a to do an outreach program. And while we all just wanted to grab a kid from the neighborhood and make him pretend to be a beggar so we could take pictures, our class president that time proposed to climb up to Sitio Mabilog instead.  Sitio Mabilog is UST Engineering's adopted community. It is a small Aeta community in Bamban, Tarlac located in the middle of the mountains. It was a 2-hr trek from the jump off point and a lot of times I was gasping for breath.  Than…