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Kowloon District: Yuen Kee

It took one double-decker bus ride from HKIA before we found ourselves right smack in the middle of   Kowloon, in the busy Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) district.

TST is too lively that resting is unthinkable, so as soon as we found a cheap place to stay for the next couple of days, we left our bags and explored the area.   Boutiques were lined up on the streets, shopping malls sprawled all over the place, wares sold on the street (I was transported back to Divisoria!), numerous cultural centers and museums, and the 13.5-hectare Kowloon Park right in the middle of it all.  
Nathan Road
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Kowloon area is packed with enough diversity to entertain anyone who loves walking around. I was of course happily distracted by everything and by the time we knew it, we were going around for 4 hours and it was already 2PM.

It was way past lunch time and as we were making our way back, we passed by a packed restaurant.  Everyone’s having late lunch huh? We did a quick check and voila! Yuen Kee, one of the must–eat places on that side of town.

I was very hungry so I asked for two dishes and a  naicha.  The first dish was good enough though easily forgettable but the wanton noodle was something else!  The meat was tender and the shrimp was the juiciest I’ve ever tasted.  

I closed my eyes a couple of times trying to commit to memory how delightful it tasted. Up until now I haven’t tasted anything as delectable as that wanton from Yuen Kee.


Yuen Kee Noodles Restaurant is located in 12-14 Humphrey's Ave , Tsim Sha Tsui.


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