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Why Choose Adult Only Holidays?

This is a sponsored post.

Even parents deserve a break sometimes. Whether they think it's fair or not, a holiday without the children is nothing to feel guilty about. In fact, the kids can enjoy it just as much if you organise a holiday for them too – perhaps a trip with their grandparents to help keep their mind off the fact their parents are sunning themselves on one of the awesome adult only holidays that are available from Neilson.

Whether you have kids or not, an annual holiday is something to look forward to and while child-friendly breaks are perfectly enjoyable, sometimes, you just need some 'you' time, and who can blame you? Adult-only holidays are there for that very reason – an exclusive vacation that focusses on the grown-ups, giving you some much-deserved time to yourself.

During May, June and September, adults have the opportunity to enjoy a beachclub break in Greece without the screams and tantrums of children filling the air. With activities and an environment completely tailor-made to suit over-18s, you can be sure of a luxurious break that will recharge your batteries and return home with a new lease of life. If you're a parent, your children will thank you for the break because you'll return raring to go and full of life.

Whatever you wish to gain from an adult-only holiday, you'll be satisfied with this trip. From the array of watersports to spas and fine dining, adult-only breaks are exactly that – exclusive holidays that are dedicated to you.

Check out some of these incredible reasons why adult-only holidays would be perfect for you:

  • Over 18s only – completely child-free (no matter how fantastic they are)
  • Relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunity to meet new friends
  • Contemporary hotels with sea-view balconies
  • Beachside location within easy access to golden sands and azure waters
  • Spa treatments for the ultimate pampering session
  • An abundance of activities, whatever your interests

Take some time for yourself this summer and enjoy a beachclub break for some quality you time.


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